Hurricane Ida|

FROM ASSESSOR TAB TROXLER: The St. Charles Parish Assessor’s Office is located in the St. Charles Parish Courthouse, which sustained major damage. Additionally, the courthouse generator failed, and we do not have power to the office or our network. The parish is working to correct these issues.

We did prepare the office to protect our records and assets. I’ve toured the office, and we are fortunate that no damage has occurred within the immediate office area we occupy.

Meanwhile, please use our website at While parts of the system are down, the mapping section is functioning. Please contact us via email at for additional information.

My staff and I will do our best to serve you during these difficult times. Like many of you, myself and employees of the office have sustained damage from Hurricane Ida, and in some cases, we are without an inhabitable home due to the damage. Some employees remain out of the area until arrangements for living can be made. We ask for your patience during this time.

In accordance with Louisiana law, a full assessment of damages will be completed and reflected on your 2021 tax bill. At this time, you do not need to apply for anything special at my office; there is enough bureaucracy and red tape in events such as Ida. My goal is to provide your home with the correct assessment with little or no effort on the part of the home or business owner. I have field personnel working to document damages.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: For those in need of property ownership information such as deeds, those records are available via the St. Charles Parish Clerk of Court:

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