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A homestead exemption in Louisiana exempts the first $75,000 of market value on a property owner’s primary residence. In St. Charles Parish, the homestead exemption is equivalent to roughly $800 in annual property tax savings.

An eligible owner shall apply for the homestead exemption by filing a signed application with the assessor. You may apply at our office or schedule an appointment for one of our staff members to meet you at your property. Please provide the following documents at the time you apply:

  • Driver’s License or government-issued identification.
  • Proof of the home’s square footage, if available. This is usually provided in the form of an appraisal.

In the first quarter of each year, the assessor will mail a renewal card to all taxpayers with a homestead exemption. This card must be signed and returned yearly in order for the homestead exemption to continue to be applied to your property. Property owners will be notified at the address on file with our office in the event a homestead exemption is removed.


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